Mirror Coating

Mirror Coating


Best Optic Lab mirror colors are available in 9 eye-catching and attractive color in both solid and flash densities. Solid mirror coatings have a higher percentage of luminous reflectance than their corresponding flash mirror colors. The flash mirror generally has a hind of the color whereas a solid mirror shows a higher concentration of the color.

Available Mirror Colors

Black, Blue, Cobalt, Green, Gold, Orange, Pink, Red, Silver

Color Guide

Anti-Reflective Coating

AR Coating common features:


Maximum light transmission for enhanced visual acuity increased durability, impact resistance and scratch protection.

Glare-free vision for enhanced visual comfort and reduced eye strain.

Super oleophobic properties help repel oils, fingerprints and smudges.

Advance hydrophobic properties prevent against moisture and water.

Anti-static properties help keep away dust and dirt so the lenses stay cleaner longer.

Provides better cosmetic appearance and patient satisfaction.